New album “Habana – Bahia”

Out on October 6th. In 2023, the violinist and singer Yilian Cañizares returns to the front of the stage to celebrate his 10 year career with a new album “Habana-Bahia” recorded in Brazi. A true musical, spiritual and cultural marriage between Brazil and Cuba, his native land. The cultural, musical and spiritual ties between Brazil and Cuba have always been evident. Salvador de Bahia, cradle of Afro-Brazilian culture, represents the uniqueness of Brazil. It is in this mixed, colorful, mysterious and tasty environment that Yilian instinctively chose to give birth to his new music. Because beyond the strong inter-cultural relationship between Cuba and Brazil, these two countries have been individually, and for decades, incredibly fertile and effervescent poles of musical diversity in the world, which makes this meeting even more powerful.